About Ivy Menchel

Ivy H Menchel, CFP®, CDFA®, CBEC®

Ivy MenchelIvy Menchel began her financial services career almost 24 years ago at a premier full-service brokerage firm. Ivy is the founder and President of Family Wealth Planning Partners. Today she and her team work with matrimonial attorneys, divorce mediators, and their clients to address the financial issues of divorce and assess their options for fair and equitable settlements. Ivy supports and educates her clients, and their advisors, through the entire divorce process. She is trained in mediation and though she does not practice mediation, these skills are utilized in traditional/litigated, mediated, and collaborative cases. Ivy’s mission is to empower clients with the information to make sound financial decisions today and in the future for themselves and their families.


Finding Harmony in the Economics of Divorce

For Divorcing Individuals

Every divorce is unique. Family Wealth Planning Partners believes the key to a successful financial future can be found in knowing both the short-term and long-term impact of various scenarios.

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For Attorneys

As a member of the "divorce team" Family Wealth Planning Partners will allow you to stay in control of the case and focus on the legal aspect of divorce. There are several roles we can play to support you and your client.

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For Mediators and Collaborative Divorce Professionals

Whether in mediation or the collaborative divorce process, Family Wealth Planning Partners can assist you to keep the negotiations on a more level playing field.

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This page has links for a divorce monthly budget, a divorce document checklist, and also a way for you to request a free eBook about how to navigate through your divorce.

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